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Enterprise Architecture

Founded in 1983, the Auldenfire Group of companies specialize in providing enterprise solutions. Auldenfire is actively involved in the development of object-oriented and component-oriented technology and the structured methodologies essential for successfully managing large-scale, multinational enterprise programs. Auldenfire is currently focused on developing an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution based on Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

Auldenfire actively works with a number of international standards and professional organizations including:

  • Object Management Group - OMG® (OMG),
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals - AITP® (AITP)
  • Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals - ICCP® (ICCP)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE® (IEEE)
  • Association for Computing Machinery - ACM® (ACM)
  • Worldwide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA)

in developing Object-Oriented (OO) and Component-Oriented (CO) methodologies and industry standards for enterprise implementation. Auldenfire is also actively involved with developing academic OO and CO curriculum for software development and enterprise object-technologies at the University and technical trade school level through the AITP Information Systems Education SIG (ISE) and through active participation in the AITP National Collegiate Conference (NCC) annual programming competitions since 1999.

Auldenfire, LLC is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, USA (Dallas / Fort Worth) and provides senior management and capitalization for the Auldenfire Group of companies. International operations and administrative support for Auldenfire Group is provided by Auldenfire Sweden AB headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. All core Group infrastructure and business operations, including research and development, are financed internally through revenue reinvestment activities.

Auldenfire Sweden

Auldenfire Sweden AB is responsible for developing Enterprise Application Integration solutions based on the OMG's Model Driven Architecture. Swedish operations supporting this initiative include research and development, consulting services, and Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) product development. Auldenfire Sweden has developed and deployed an Atelier based prototype product and methodology during the second quarter of 2001. Current activities are focusing on evolving the prototype into a robust EAI solution based on the Open Telephony Platform (OTP). Auldenfire Sweden AB is wholly owned by Auldenfire, LLC.

Administrative & Logistics Support Services

Administrative & Logistics Support Services (ALSS) provides complete immigration, payroll, administrative, and logistical support services to agencies and independent contractors on assignment in Sweden. ALSS assigns a specialist to expedite the application process to live and work within Sweden. Personalized services include work and residency visa applications, person number (social security) registration, payroll services, and tax planning services. ALSS also provides orientation services on living and working in Sweden. ALSS is a business unit of Auldenfire Sweden AB.

ASR Strategic Resources

ASR Strategic Resources, LLC (ASR) provides a core competency in advanced technology research and development through infrastructure support, logistics support, and core development services for Auldenfire Group. ASR develops both internal and commercial products and services, including senior level project management, core architecture (enterprise architecture), enterprise development, and enterprise application integration consultants and teams. Additional services include information technology security, technology assessment, and disaster prevention and recovery. Rapid response teams are available for deployment world wide. ASR also maintains Core research and development facilities optimized for confidential work that meet tempest emissions and physical security requirements. Core development infrastructure is isolated from the Internet to eliminate the threat of hacker penetration. ASR is wholly owned by Auldenfire, LLC.






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Seminars & Workshops
January 24 2002
Technical Briefing
National Airspace System Information Architecture Committee
Dynamic Metadata Support in Air Traffic Environments
September 19 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Workshop Stockholm
September 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Toronto
Auldenfire presents MDA repository whitepaper and architecture overview
August 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Pilot Roll-Out
July 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Boston
Auldenfire responsible for content description design models and requirements for platform independent MDA repository

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