NCC 2002 Java Problem Statement
AITP Annual Java Competition Event


AITP NCC Java Competition Event
Java Contest Problem Statement - 2002

This resource page is provided to help student contestants prepare for the annual AITP National Collegiate Conference Java programming competition event. This problem statement was used in the Java contest held at the 2002 Kansas City, Missouri conference.

Problem Statement Topics

Part 1: Introduction to the AITP NCC 2002 Java Competition Event
Part 2: AITP NCC 2002 Java Contest Problem Statement
Part 3: Copyright and License Issues

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Part 1: Introduction to the AITP NCC Java Competition Event

The problem statement presented was developed by Craig Slinkman, Ph.D. with The University of Texas at Arlington and Don Baldwin with the Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory at Auldenfire Sweden AB. The 2002 problem statement is a continuation of the 2001 problem statement in that it involved the creation of a graphical user interface (GUI). The 2001 problem statement required the construction of the test package. Both problem statements required the contestants to use the existing human resources packages. The problem statement was derived from an example contained the Deitel & Associates textbook Java How to Program, 4th Edition (Refer to chapters 8 and 9).

The volunteers responsible for developing and testing the problem statement as well as judging the team solutions are listed below:

Don Baldwin Java Contest Coordinator (ASR)
Java Contest Judge
Craig Slinkman, Ph.D. Faculty Problem Statement Design (UTA)
Java Contest Judge
Pamela Mitchell Problem Statement Tester
Java Contest Judge

The Java Contest Judges listed above also judged the Object-Oriented entries in the 2002 Systems Analysis and Design competition event.

The problem statement was designed to be solvable in three hours. Pamela Mitchell tested the problem statement and was able to develop a working solution that met all of the requirements in two hours. During coding, TogetherJ was used in order to keep the UML model and the Java source code synchronized.

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Part 2: Problem Statement

The AITP NCC 2000 Java Competition Event Problem Statement and supporting files provided to each team are provided below:

2002 Problem Statement
Problem Statement Overview PDF Document

Essential Use Cases

PDF Document
UML Class Diagram Documentation PDF Document
2002 Problem Statement Support Documentation
UML Reference and Tutorial PDF Document
Essential Use Case Manual PDF Document
2002 Contest Problem Statement Package
Java and Database Files ZIP File

The easiest way to install the problem statement is to unzip the files from the root directory. A directory named aitpjava will be created that contains an MS Access database (.mdb file) and six sub-directories. Five of these directories are Java packages: dm, gui, hr, jdbc, and test. You will also find a directory named src that contains all of the Java .java source files provided for reference purposes. All of the Java package directories contain compiled Java .class files except for the GUI directory (you will need to build the GUI package Java classes). Each of these directories corresponds to the appropriate Java package described in the problem statement documentation.

You will need to set the system environment variable classpath to:


You will need to set the ODBC Data Source System DSN to:

Name: contest
Database: C:\aitpjava\HumanResources.mdb
Driver: Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)

The Problem Statement Java source code is provided below: PDF Document
4K PDF Document
9K PDF Document
11K PDF Document
4K PDF Document
4K PDF Document
5K PDF Document
9K PDF Document
14K PDF Document

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Part 3: Copyright and License Issues

The AITP NCC 2002 problem statement source code, executables, database, supporting documentation, and downloads hereinafter referred to as the "AITP NCC 2002 Java Competition Application" are protected by international copyright 2002 by ASR Strategic Resources, LLC and Auldenfire Sweden AB.

Permission to use the AITP NCC 2002 Java Competition Application royalty free is hereby granted to the AITP, AITP members, and education institutions (both faculty and students) for nonprofit use. Any commercial or for profit use must be approved in writing by the copyright holders and will require appropriate license agreements.

Auldenfire is a registered trademark of Auldenfire, LLC.

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For further information, questions, and comments please contact the
AITP NCC Java Competition Event Coordinator by e-mail:

Don Baldwin

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