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2003 Contest Environment - Computer Configuration and IDE

This resource page contains the latest information on how the AITP NCC Java competition event computer lab workstations will be configured. As new information is obtained, it will be posted here.
Contest Venue

2003 Java Competition Event - West Lafayette, IN, USA
Thursday , March 27 to Saturday, March 29, 2003
Purdue University Computer Lab
Friday March 28th 2PM - 6PM

Breakout Session - Prior to the competition event
UML Modeling for Java Contestants
Friday March 28th - Prior to the Java Contest

This breakout session will provide important background information for the Java Competition Event. The UML Use Case and Class Diagram notation used in the competition event will be covered. This information will not be covered during the competition event.
Refer to the Conference Attendee Brochure for location and time information.

Breakout Session - Following the competition event
UML Modeling for Java Contestants
Saturday March 29th - Prior to the Awards Ceremony

This breakout session will cover the solutions for both the Java and the Systems Analysis and Design competition events (UML portion).
Refer to the Conference Attendee Brochure for location and time information.

Computer Platform

Intel based PC with floppy drive and CD-ROM
No Internet Access

Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Access XP (With Microsoft Office XP)
Java Version
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition
J2SE v1.4 (Latest Version)
Java IDE
TextPad 4.6.2 (Latest Version)

Special Notes:

The current information is official pending final information from the hosting institution and sponsors.

This year the contest will consist of two sessions:

Breakout Session - This session will cover the UML notation and methodology that will be used in the Java competition event. All Java contestants should attend this session. Additionally, faculty and other interested students are encouraged to attend. The purpose of this breakout session is to teach people how to apply UML Use Case and Class notation diagrams.

Contest Event - This will consist of an orientation where the Java Contest Event problem statement will be introduced followed by a question and answer session. Once all teams have had an opportunity to review the problem statement and resolve any questions, the contest will begin.

AITP NCC Java Competition Event Issues

Each year brings an entirely new range of options for the annual Java competition event: Which IDE to use, Which database to use, Which computer platform (Java Platform and Operating System) to use. Even issues such as letting the contestants provide their own computer or requiring the contestants to use a computer provided by the competition event. Making these decisions requires a set of assumptions and requirements. For more information on how the selection process is conducted and how you can contribute, click here.

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