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AITP NCC Java Competition Event
Java Contest Solution - 2000

The AITP NCC 2000 Java Competition Solution is provided on this resource page. The source code can be viewed in PDF format and downloaded. Two download options are provided: The Java Source Project Download contains only the Java class files and a clean project database. The Java Complete Solution Download also includes the compiled Java class files. The Further Activities section provides additional project ideas for using the solution for educational purposes.

NCC 2000 Java Source Code
NCC 2000 Java Source Project Download
NCC 2000 Java Complete Solution Download
Further Activities


NCC 2000 Java Source Code PDF File
10K PDF File
22K PDF File
19K PDF File
21K PDF File
4K PDF File
25K PDF File
28K PDF File
7K PDF File

These files may either be viewed online or downloaded. The files highlighted with in bold font were provided with the problem statement. was completed in Part 1 of the competition. was completed in Part 2 of the competition. was provided as a reference for both parts of the competition.

NOTE: For additional documentation, you may view the complete UML class diagram via the Links navigation menu bar.


NCC 2000 Java Source Project Download

NCC 2000 Java Source Code Files ZIP File

The Java Source Project Download includes Java source files and a clean database.


NCC 2000 Java Complete Solution Download

NCC 2000 Complete Solution ZIP File

The complete solution download includes Java source code files, compiled class files, and a clean database. This download contains all of the files included in the NCC 2000 Java Source Project Download.


Further Activities

The AITP NCC 2000 Java Competition Solution was designed with two additional projects in mind: First, the source code can be documented in accordance to JavaDoc standards. Second, the database update functionality can be modified. Both of these projects are outlined below:

NCC 2000 Java JavaDoc Project

JavaDoc standards were not utilized in the solution since this was one of the scoring items for the contest. Students that added the JavaDoc statements picked up additional points. The JavaDoc specific statements were produced by the developers using TogetherJ, but were removed for contest purposes. The NCC 2000 Java solution provides an excellent exercise in using JavaDoc statements with either an editor or within a CASE or UML modeling tool.

NCC 2000 Java Database Update Project

The current solution was designed to delete and add new database entries when performing a record update. This was done on purpose to provide an additional exercise in Java code maintenance. For this project, the database record should be updated (and not deleted and added). The record (and object ID) are already provided in the application GUI to assist with this exercise. The changes introduced to the application should attempt to maintain the same class signatures as the current application.

NCC 2000 Java Client Server Project

As an additional exercise, the current solution can be modified to function as a client server application. For this project, Java packages should be used to hold related classes. A distributed solution could use both the server and multiple client computers to work with the database. An updated UML class and component diagram could also be produced. The class diagram should document the different packages and classes contained within each package. The component diagram should document how the packages are deployed onto individual nodes within the client server configuration.

Submit Your Solutions!

Students or faculty interested in submitting your JavaDoc solutions to us are invited to do so! We would like to post different solutions on this web site.

Submit your solutions to the AITP NCC Java Competition Event Coordinator:

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