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ALSS Sweden provides assistance to people moving to Sweden on a temporary or permanent basis in registering for social benefits. To be eligible to receive social benefits offered through the Swedish government, you are required to have a permanent Person Number (Personnummer in Swedish) also referred to as a Swedish Personal Identification Number. The Swedish government currently issues two classifications of person numbers:

Permanent Person Number (Personnummer)

The permanent person number is required to receive benefits from the Swedish social system. These benefits include medical coverage, limited dental coverage, child allowance, unemployment benefits, pension benefits, and other government services. A permanent person number is also required by many companies order to open an account for services such as telephone, cable TV, satellite TV, broad-band Internet, and credit accounts. More Details

Coordinating Person Number (Samordningsnummer)

A coordination person number is issued temporarily to people that are applying for a permanent person number. People that have permanent residence or work visas can immediately apply for a permanent person number and are not typically issued a coordinating person number. People issued a coordinating person number are not generally entitled to Swedish social benefits. However, if the coordinating person number was issued as a result in a change in residency and work status, limited social benefits may sometimes be available pending the issuance of a permanent person number. Coordinating person numbers are coded so that government and business organizations can recognize them as such - most business will not open an account for a person that has only a coordinating person number. The coordinating person number is also taking the place of the temporary person number as of January 2001 (see below). More Details

Temporary Person Number (Replaced by Samordningsnummer)

A temporary person number is issued to people that will be living and working within Sweden for no longer than 6 months (less than 183 days). People issued a temporary person number pay a flat rate income tax of 25% and do not qualify to receive Swedish social benefits. Consequently, no social benefit taxes (including social security taxes) are paid to the Swedish government - these taxes are paid instead to the individual's current tax jurisdiction government. Medical coverage is either provided by the individual's government (in the event that a social medical collaboration treaty is in effect) or by the individual (the individual's employer may provide private insurance). Temporary person numbers are coded so that government and business organizations can recognize them as such - most business will not open an account for a person that has only a temporary person number. Temporary Person Numbers have been replaced by the Coordinating Person Number as of January 2001.

How do I know what type of Swedish personal identification number I have?

Coordinating Person Numbers differ from Permanent Person Numbers in the date of birth date field (DD):

YYMMDD = Permanent Person Number
YYMM(DD+60) = Coordinating Person Number


Applying for a Swedish Person Number

ALSS in Sweden will help you complete the appropriate Swedish government forms and submit your person number application for you. Additionally, ALSS will assist you in registering for any applicable social benefits you are eligible for as well as explain the specific benefits that you will receive. We can also assist with Swedish to English translations when dealing with communications with the Swedish government and in helping you complete forms that are only available in Swedish (Most forms are available in English).

Upon arriving in Sweden with a permanent residency and/or work visa, you are required to apply in person for a permanent person number at a local Tax office within two weeks of your arrival. ALSS representatives are available to accompany you to the tax office to help expedite your application process.

Once you receive your permanent person number (typically within three weeks), you need to apply for a Swedish Identification Card. You can obtain a ID card through the Swedish Post Office (Most Swedish banks can also issue ID cards). You will need to have a Swedish Citizen accompany you, two passport photos, your passport, and you will need to complete an application for the ID card. ALSS representatives are available to help you get the required passport photos, accompany you to the tax office to meet the requirement for a Swedish citizen to sign the certification form, and to assist with filling out the ID application. Your Swedish Identity Card typically takes about two weeks to be issued. You will receive notification by mail to pick it up in person at the local Swedish passport office (you will need to bring your passport to use as ID).


Swedish Social Benefits

Once you are entered into the Swedish Population Registry, you are eligible for Swedish Social Benefits.

EU/EEA citizens have right to social benefits from the Swedish social insurance system from the first day that they enter Sweden, even if they will be residing in Sweden for less than one year. A health care certificate must be shown, proving that you are a EU/EEA citizen and are entitled to social insurance benefits in your home country, in order to quality for benefits from the Swedish social insurance system.

NON-EU/EEA citizens planning to reside in Sweden for less than one year, regardless of whether you will work or study in Sweden, are not entitled to social benefits under the Swedish social insurance system. You must intend to reside in Sweden for at least 12 months in order to register with the Swedish Population Registry, receive a Permanent Person Number, and qualify for social benefits in Sweden. It is strongly recommended that if you will reside in Sweden for less than one year that you take out a comprehensive health plan, in your country of permanent residence, to cover costs in the case of an accident or illness during your stay in Sweden.

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