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Administrative & Logistics Support Services


ALSS provides payroll services for companies and individuals working in Sweden. Whether you are an individual or a small company, ALSS can provide a low cost solution to your payroll needs.

Basic Payroll Services

Basic payroll services cover the minimal payroll administrative and payment services required to meet Swedish legal requirements. These services cover:

  • Salary
  • Vacation
  • Sick Pay
  • Employee Income Tax Withholding
  • Company Salary Tax
  • Pensions
  • Bonuses
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Per Diem Payments
  • Supplemental Payments

Payment disbursements including income tax withholding and social tax payments to the Swedish government.

Pension contributions and insurance payments can also be processed as part of the standard service agreement.

Company Registration

Company registration as either a representation company or an established company. Representation companies, unlike established companies, are not required to be audited nor are they required to file annual reports with the Swedish tax authority.

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Banking services

Setting up local bank account for deposits.
Establishing debit and credit cards.
Handling money transfers between accounts.

Bill Pay Services

Bill Pay services are available for both companies and individuals to pay Swedish bills. Bills can be paid two ways:

  • You can have your bills mailed to ALSS where they will be processed
  • You can instruct ALSS to pay specific bills via e-mail, postal mail, fax, or in person at our offices located in Farsta, Sweden

    Bill Pay services are convenient for people and companies that are not established in Sweden.

Billing (Invoicing) and payroll services

Billing (Invoicing) Services for work conducted in Sweden with revenue transfers to a foreign company combined with payroll disbursements including income tax withholding and social tax payments to the Swedish government.
Tax accountant and legal tax advisor available (Sweden, United States, United Kingdom) for any questions.

Fee structure

Flat Rate Service Fees

Most of our services are contracted on a flat fee basis.

ALSS provides a flat-rate monthly fee structure for all of our standard services. Hourly rates only apply for certain professional services and scenarios where special effort is required.

Small Companies and Private Individuals

Only one employee? Not a problem! ALSS will work with a single employee, an individual (such as freelance consultants or self employed), as well as small, medium, and large organizations. Our current customer base includes:

  • Privately held and publicly traded companies
  • Government and government owned organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Individual consultants
  • Companies with a single sales representative in Sweden

If you are looking for a customer focused service organization that will tailor itself to your needs - look no further.

ALSS is operated by Aurenav Payroll Services (APS), a business unit of Aurenav LLC (established in 1981).

ALSS also offers a host of advanced payroll services including pension planning and coordination, collective work agreement assistance, and Swedish contract employment contract reviews. Contact an ALSS representative for more information.

For additional information, contact ALSS.






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Work and Residence Visas
EN - Migrationsverket provides visa forms and information
SE - Migrationsverket har visa blanketter och information

Income & Social Taxes
Riksskatteverket & Skattemyndigheten
EN - Handels national registration and taxes
SE - Har hand om skatt och folkbokföring

EN - Apoteket sells drugs
SE - Apoteket säljer medicin

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