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In addition to visa and tax services, ALSS offers a number of additional services. Our basic service fees and additional service offerings are described below:

Contact Information
Additional Services
Services Not Provided by ALSS
Basic Immigration Package Fee Structure

ALSS Contact Information

Please feel free to contact ALSS by e-mail, phone, or fax.


Phone: +46 (0)8 604 07 02
Phone: +46 (0)733 759 759
Fax: +46 (0)8 604 30 68


ALSS Services

Services offered by ALSS include:

Bill Pay

ALSS can process and pay Swedish bills.

Mail and Package Receiving

Companies and Individuals may have their mail and packages sent to ALSS, at our local office in Farsta, Sweden (Stockholm).

Translation Services

Document and correspondence translation services are available. Many standard government, utility, and business forms are already available in English.

Additional Services

Special events and meeting coordination
Sports events, outdoor activities and other interests
Laundry/dry-cleaning service
Weekend excursions
Arrangements for Swedish speaking classes
Assistance with medical services and arranging appointments


Services Not Provided by ALSS

ALSS does not provide job search or placement services. Persons requesting assistance with obtaining a work visa must already have a work contract or assignment specification prior to applying for a visa. Additionally, ALSS does not provide services related to refugee visa applications. Our primary goal is to assist in the application process - saving you time and making the application process easier. If you have questions, we will be happy to provide an outline of the requirements during our initial consultation. Our initial consultations are free and we will fully disclose all fees to allow you to decide if you would like to retain our services, look elsewhere, or do the work yourself.


Fee Structure

A typical fixed price immigration package for an individual consultant and a spouse/partner is usually SEK 5.000:-- excluding MOMS (VAT).
Children may also be included in the fixed price immigration package depending on country of origin, parent/guardian relationship, number, and age.

SEK 5,000 is approximately (rounded):
USD $ 500
EUR € 540
GBP £ 337

This fixed fee generally includes:

  • All time required to interview and process the required Swedish government paper work as well as any follow-up work that is required.
  • Assistance with obtaining a Swedish ID card.
  • Setting up a Swedish bank account.
  • Orientation on how to use the public transportation system, medical and dental services, and pharmacy.
  • Orientation on the public services that are available to you through the Swedish government.
  • Basic Swedish income tax orientation.
  • Orientation on child care and education in Sweden.

Some services are only available in the Stockholm area as part of the basic immigration package.

Newcomer Welcome to Sweden Packages are additional (sold at our cost when purchased with the basic immigration package). For specific information, please contact our ALSS representatives.

An optional Swedish Culture and Swedish Business Culture orientation is also available (on either an individual, family, or group basis). The The basic orientation fixed price is usually SEK 800:-- per person excluding MOMS (VAT) for a full day session in the Stockholm area.

SEK 800 is approximately (rounded):
USD $ 80
EUR € 90
GBP £ 54

Company and group discount packages are also available.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) rate (or MOMS) in Sweden is 25%.






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Work and Residence Visas
EN - Migrationsverket provides visa forms and information
SE - Migrationsverket har visa blanketter och information

Income & Social Taxes
Riksskatteverket & Skattemyndigheten
EN - Handels national registration and taxes
SE - Har hand om skatt och folkbokföring

EN - Apoteket sells drugs
SE - Apoteket säljer medicin

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