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Auldenfire Sweden operates the Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL) located in Stockholm. A multinational team of senior architects and developers are working on building enterprise architectural solutions that integrate legacy and future information technology solutions.

The ESAL mission is to develop practical information technology solutions for the global enterprise based on sound architectural concepts, proven methodologies, and industry standards. To further this vision, technical development, education and training, and active participation with international standards organizations is required.

Auldenfire Sweden is a professional IT architectural consultancy committed to providing a client advocacy role in the development of global IT enterprise solutions.

Auldenfire Sweden provides Enterprise Core Architectural services that are focused on the underlying business and economic factors that shape an organization's strategic IT requirements. This approach requires a team that has both expert technical skills and expert management skills.

The Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory develops methodologies, reference model frameworks, integration templates, and products that are designed to support complex enterprise integration solutions. These include:
Auldenfire Software Atelier
Auldenfire Legion
Auldenfire Software Atelier Information Management System
Auldenfire Software Atelier Information Bus
Auldenfire CoMap
Auldenfire COR
Auldenfire Sweden's ESAL has also developed two platform independent solutions that support complex enterprise application integrations:
Auldenfire Repository Services
Auldenfire Integration Services
These packaged, reusable solutions include architectural reference frameworks, integration and deployment handbooks, and documentation. These packages are designed to save time by providing the common artifacts and deliverables required for typical messaging middleware, enterprise content management, and transaction based e-business and e-government solutions. The savings in time typically amounts to at least six months, which results in a significant reduction in cost and a lowered risk of project failure.


Auldenfire ESAL solutions have already been deployed in production environments including:
  • e-Business Platform (Integration Services - Middleware)
  • e-Government Platform (Integration Services - Middleware)
  • Telecom (Integration Services - Middleware)
  • Telecom (Repository Services - Wireless Call Analysis)
  • Telecom (Data Warehouse and Data Mining)
  • Financial Services (Integration Services - Middleware)
  • Financial Services (Repository Services - Options Trading)
  • Financial Services (Hardened Messaging Services)

Additional development is underway for:

  • Air Traffic Control (Repository Services)
  • Banking (Repository Services)
  • Manufacturing (Integration Services)

Auldenfire Sweden is currently involved with technology assessment and research and development work targeted at developing platform independent architectural implementations for the enterprise. These initiatives are directed at both commercial off the shelf (COTS) and open source solutions.

In addition to providing consulting services, Auldenfire Sweden is also interested in research and development work within additional application domains.

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Events Calendar
Seminars & Workshops
January 24 2002
Technical Briefing
National Airspace System Information Architecture Committee
Dynamic Metadata Support in Air Traffic Environments
September 19 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Workshop Stockholm
September 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Toronto
Auldenfire presents MDA repository whitepaper and architecture overview
August 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Pilot Roll-Out
July 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Boston
Auldenfire responsible for content description design models and requirements for platform independent MDA repository

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