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We lead - By building the teams that build the future

Auldenfire Sweden is an Enterprise Architectural practice founded by a like-minded group of senior Information Technology Professionals as an entrepreneurial initiative. The core team is comprised of senior consultants that have worked together on several global enterprise projects. The binding force drawing this team together derives from our collective interest and passion in enterprise architecture.

Auldenfire Sweden was initially funded as a venture capital project by Auldenfire, LLC. Incubation support in the form of software development tools and licenses, computer hardware, office furnishings, and communication equipment were provided by ASR Strategic Resources, LLC. Auldenfire Group actively encourages the formation of new entrepreneurial business initiatives through an established business development organization that provides both venture capital and incubator support in the form of core infrastructure resources. From the beginning, Auldenfire Sweden has been self funded, with regard to operational costs, and is currently debt free.

Auldenfire Sweden's marketing philosophy is focused on building strategic partnerships with our clients. We believe that our service offerings and pricing structures should be oriented towards maintaining long-term relationships. This requires a mindset that recognizes the need to make tactical decisions that may not produce immediate returns. Investing in our client and partner relationships builds the trust that is essential for achieving a long-term, strategic partnership.

Auldenfire Sweden has seven interrelated core business offerings:

Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL)

ESAL provides an environment to develop and test Enterprise Architectural solutions. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies, methodologies, and implementations are reviewed, developed, and refined. Training and education are facilitated by the hands-on environment provided by the laboratory. The ESAL also provides a vital development sandbox for Model Driven Architecture (MDA™) research.

Enterprise Architectural Consulting Services

Enterprise architects and developers versed in component-oriented technologies and methodologies help clients implement complex enterprise solutions. Experienced architects and managers provide critical mentoring and discipline to help avoid common EAI pitfalls.

Enterprise Software Development Services

EAI services ranging from application integration to custom application development are provided by seasoned professionals that have worked on large-scale, global programs. Our consultants and developers understand the requirements essential for success. Development teams must understand and have experience in the full life-cycle development process.

Product Development

Product development is focused around the Auldenfire Atelier methodology and the Auldenfire Legion product, which provides Integration Services and Repository Services solutions for the enterprise.

Education and Training Services

The rapid emergence of Enterprise Application Integration and the prerequisite knowledge in Enterprise Architecture has created a need for effective training and education programs. Auldenfire Sweden supports two educational initiatives:

  • Auldenfire Sweden provides education and training services internally for our staff and externally for our clients. Education topics range from high-level management issues to detailed hands-on implementation skills and procedures. In depth, hands-on training is carried out at our Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL).

  • Auldenfire Sweden is working with international standards and professional organizations to establish meaningful education programs. Auldenfire Sweden works actively with the Object Management Group (OMG®), the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), and the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP) in developing enterprise architectural curriculums and standards. We take the view that a vendor neutral approach is preferred and that the process of defining industry standards should be open.

Technology Assessment Services

The rapid growth in Enterprise Application Integration technology coupled with the relative infancy of the industry as a whole creates problems in identifying effective and efficient solutions. Many vendor offerings are similar enough that nuances in performance and capability may not be adequately understood. Auldenfire Sweden has real-world, hands-on experience with many vendor solutions. Our architects and developers stay current by working with vendors, clients, and conducting assessment reviews in our Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory (ESAL). Auldenfire Sweden can analyze requirements and provide a customized assessment on which technologies are best suited for a given scenario and why.

Strategic Advisory Services

Enterprise Architecture, especially with regard to Enterprise Application Integration, is just beginning to emerge from its infancy. Rapid changes and developments in technology, industry standards, and in architecture are difficult to keep abreast of. Auldenfire Sweden provides senior level corporate and Information Technology management with Strategic Reports, which summarize industry trends, practices, and successful implementation practices. This knowledge is gained through the hands-on experience gained by working in the real-world. Auldenfire Sweden is committed to maintaining a leading role in Enterprise Architecture.

Auldenfire Sweden is interested in people that want to build the future. Our people are experienced in successfully implementing enterprise architectural solutions: Solving difficult integration issues, developing software solutions, and in managing the full project life-cycle from inception through deployment. By working in the trenches, we have acquired valuable knowledge in how to avoid pitfalls, in knowing what really works, and how to deliver on time and right the first time.





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Events Calendar
Seminars & Workshops
January 24 2002
Technical Briefing
National Airspace System Information Architecture Committee
Dynamic Metadata Support in Air Traffic Environments
September 19 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Workshop Stockholm
September 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Toronto
Auldenfire presents MDA repository whitepaper and architecture overview
August 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Pilot Roll-Out
July 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Boston
Auldenfire responsible for content description design models and requirements for platform independent MDA repository

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