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Auldenfire Sweden provides enterprise web content management services with an emphasis on Interwoven™ TeamSite™ dating from the first TeamSite installations in Europe in Q4 1999. Reference cases for TeamSite consultancy assignments in Europe include: Deutsche BP, Ericsson, and SunBank. Specialist competencies include TeamSite integration project management, business analysis, and enterprise web content management architectural services. Currently supported versions of TeamSite include v4.5 through v5.5.1. Sweden (Sverige) and UK TeamSite experience includes the following products:

  • TeamSite™
  • MetaTagger™
  • OpenDeploy™
  • DataDeploy™

Auldenfire Sweden offers a number of Enterprise Web Content Management services and solutions through our EWCM competency center in Sweden (Sverige) including:

Competencies & Supported Products
The CoMap and COR Solution
How Can We Serve You?

Auldenfire Sweden's Enterprise Web Content Management team can be contacted at (Sweden - Sverige):

+46 (0)8 556 814 00 Phone
+46 (0)8 556 814 05 Fax


Auldenfire Sweden's Enterprise Web Content Management team is based in Stockholm, Sweden and London, England and works in partnership with our United States affiliates. Consultation and integration services available include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Initial Planning
  • Resourcing
  • TeamSite Installation and Configuration
  • Template Programming
    • Presentation Templates
    • Data Capture Templates
    • Workflows
  • Training
  • Enterprise application Integration
  • J2EE Integration

Auldenfire Sweden provides vendor neutral and independent client advocacy services to help our client organizations plan cohesive enterprise content management strategies.



Auldenfire Sweden applies the Object Management Group's™ (OMG's™) Model Driven Architecture™ (MDA™) in developing an enterprise web content management solution. Content management solutions typically fall into seven design patterns:

  • Presentation Centric
  • Data Centric - Copy
  • Data Centric - Reference
  • Collaboration
  • Application - Rapid
  • Application - Robust
  • Commerce

A given organization may require only one, or as many as all seven design patterns depending on the type of of content that is being managed. Design patterns are applied to specific content within an organization based on storage, deployment, and delivery characteristics. These design patterns provide the basis for developing a Platform Independent Model (PIM) to map content management functionality that is required by the business. Once the appropriate design patterns are identified, a Platform Specific Model (PSM) is developed to map required functionality against specific technology solutions. A key differentiator at this stage is identifying how content should be categorized with respect to file-based or data-based management solutions.

Many organizations maintain application servers and back-end databases that need to be utilized to fulfill various functions including:

  • Product and service information
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) support
  • Commerce (B2B, B2C, and B2E)
  • Portal services
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Media content delivery

An organization must take into account the existing content and legacy systems that are already in existence when planning an Enterprise Content Management Architecture. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is often a key issue faced by most medium to large businesses. The requirement to leverage existing data and content is often a key factor in lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Auldenfire Sweden's expertise and competence in delivering enterprise web content management solutions means greater Return On Investment (ROI) since we can leverage our existing resources including:

  • Project worksheets
  • Project documentation templates
  • Project checklists
  • Reusable integration components such as:
    • CoMap
    • COR
  • Product specific integration handbooks


Competencies & Supported Products

In addition to TeamSite, Auldenfire Sweden has experience with a number of content management solutions including:

  • Interwoven TeamSite™
  • ATG Dynamo™
  • Broadvision™
  • Documentum™
  • Vignette™

Auldenfire Sweden has developed a Content Object Repository that facilitates rapid integration of web content management services into the overall enterprise content management architecture. Common integrations include ATG Dynamo, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere.



Auldenfire Sweden's Enterprise Web Content Management services may be contracted directly, through an agency, or through one of our partners or affiliates. Auldenfire Sweden offers both hourly and fixed rate (project or deliverable based) contract options. Due to the domain specific nature of our expertise, several large consulting companies and vendors utilize our services on pre-sales and product integration assignments, which may impose contractual limitations on work that we can accept in certain circumstances (this restriction applies to projects for which a partner or affiliate company is already engaged and we have been utilized or reserved for the project in question).


The CoMap and COR Solution

The CoMap and COR Web Content Object Repository provides a framework for the storage and generation of content objects for dissemination by TeamSite and related services. All integration functionality is available in the form of:

  • Perl 5.X scripts and objects, which provides an object-centered interface for the TeamSite applications
  • J2EE Enterprise Beans which can be called from an application server (examples include: WebSphere, WebLogic, and SilverStream)

All database storage and maintenance functionality is provided by the database management system. The CRUD facilities can be implemented as stored procedures within this framework.

CoMap and COR are available on several platforms including:

  • Sun Solaris
  • Windows NT, 2000, and XP
  • Linux

CoMap and COR are products developed independently by Auldenfire Sweden's Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory to facilitate the integration of TeamSite with an application server or other back-end database system.

View a quick summary of CoMap features and services here.


How Can We Serve You?

Need help determining which content management products are right for your company?

We have hands-on, real-world experience integrating most of the major enterprise content management products.

Interested in knowing where we are located and where we will accept assignments?

Although we are based in London and Stockholm, we are quite happy to accept assignments located anywhere in Europe and most of the world. We have partner and affiliate companies that serve North America.

Need a source of information that is not influenced by product sales?

Although we have close relations with a number of product vendors, we do not sell content management products. Our goal is to serve your interests first and foremost.

Need help planning and resourcing a project?

We can provide business analysts, architects, and project managers to help your organization develop a solid strategy that meets your enterprise web content management requirements. We can also provide programmers, system administrators, and platform engineers to install and configure various products.

Are you with an agency recruiting resources for a client?

We are happy to work for agencies; however, we will only offer our services for a particular project through a single source (prior existing contractual agreements will take precedence).

Whether you are just starting to look into an enterprise web content solution or you simply need additional resources, we are here to help!





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