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The Auldenfire Enterprise Integration Services (AEIS) solution is built around a Platform Independent Model (PIM) that can be developed to a very high level of detail without requiring a specific platform (implementation). This enhances reuse at the PIM level and simplifies the Platform Specific Model (PSM). Using proxy components, PIM's can include technology choices while avoiding platform specific issues or choices. Multiple modeling notations are used by AEIS in the PIM to provide design templates, which promotes reuse. AEIS uses a generator environment to partially automate the PIM to PSM mapping. Specific requirements are configured by using a web-based interface. To accomplish this, UML and OCL (Object Constraint Language) only account for approximately 25% of the notation content while linear (text) notations account for the remaining 75%. The generator environment produces most of the linear notation. This implementation approach offers four key benefits for an organization:

  • The Platform Independent Model (PIM) maps directly to the Platform Specific Model (PSM)
  • The architectural approach is designed to leverage Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology
  • The architectural approach is designed to leverage multiple products from multiple vendors to reduce the risk of vendor lock in
  • The architecture is flexible and extensible providing a robust solution that has already been implemented in several domains including e-Business Platform, Financial Services, and Telecom

At the heart of AEIS lies the Auldenfire Enterprise Integration Services Architecture (AEISA). AEISA specifies a PIM that provides a detailed textual description of architecture at both the infrastructure and component levels. The architectural model is expressed using formal Architecture Description Language (ADL) and Constraint Language (CL). The information model is formally expressed using UML. Application interfaces are formally expressed using Interface Definition Language (IDL), with mappings to Java (and other platform implementation profiles). Proxy components are used to represent "known" elements of the landscape (such as XML gateway, operating system services, and message queuing). AEIS includes the Auldenfire Ateliér methodology for supporting Integration Services developed in parallel with reference to the PIM components. A contextual description of the AEIS PIM is provided below:

Auldenfire Legion is a commercial implementation of the Auldenfire Enterprise Integration Services solution. Auldenfire Legion provides a modular approach for implementing an Integration Services platform within an organization that leverages existing legacy applications. Auldenfire Legion can be deployed on multiple implementation platforms (including OS/390, Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Microsoft NT / 2000 / XP) and can drive in-house development as well as COTS package selection and configuration processes. Auldenfire Legion consists of a repository services module developed by Auldenfire Sweden. The repository services module is designed to integrate with a number of products from multiple vendors in order to assure platform independence.

Auldenfire is a registered trademark of Auldenfire LLC. Auldenfire Legion, Auldenfire Ateliér, Auldenfire Atelier are registered service marks of Auldenfire Sweden AB.





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January 24 2002
Technical Briefing
National Airspace System Information Architecture Committee
Dynamic Metadata Support in Air Traffic Environments
September 19 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Workshop Stockholm
September 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Toronto
Auldenfire presents MDA repository whitepaper and architecture overview
August 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Pilot Roll-Out
July 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Boston
Auldenfire responsible for content description design models and requirements for platform independent MDA repository

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