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Auldenfire Sweden offers a number of seminars and workshops in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Architecture (EA), and technology trends. Seminars and workshops are offered at our facility in Farsta (Stockholm, Sweden) or arrangements can be made to make the presentation at your location. Specialized topics can also be arranged to meet the specific requirements of your organization.


Dynamic Metadata Modeling in Air Traffic Control Environments

Metadata is a fundamental part of any Air Traffic Control (ATC) or dynamic information system, even if not often recognized as such. This presentation will focus on the definition, development, and management of metadata assets for air traffic environments. The development and use of metadata models will be discussed, and examples given based on established air-traffic systems. These will be presented in the context of the OMG's® Model-Driven Architecture (MDA™) paradigm. Finally, a presentation and demonstration of an Enterprise Architecture Repository will be given using the air traffic metadata models.

Integration Services - A Model Driven Architecture (MDA) Approach

This seminar provides an overview on Integration Services for senior level IT management. An enterprise architectural model is described from a platform independent perspective that can form the framework for a complete EAI solution.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

This seminar provides a strategic overview of EAI for senior level management. Emphasis is on the key issues that an organization needs to address form a practitioner perspective. This seminar is ideally suited for organizations that are either in the initial stages of an EAI initiative or are in the early planning and architectural design phases of an EAI implementation.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

This seminar is designed to provide a basic working understanding for people that want to learn more about Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) concepts. This seminar is suitable for both corporate management, IT management, and developers. Both business and technical issues are discussed.


Repository Services

An overview of the Auldenfire Repository Services solution. This workshop reviews key considerations in developing a platform independent repository services component. The workshop discusses how to deploying a repository services based solution across the enterprise and the architectural issues that need to be considered.

Auldenfire Software Atelier

This workshop provides a detailed, tactical level overview on how to manage enterprise software development. The Auldenfire Software Atelier is discussed in detail from a platform independent perspective. The workshop concludes by mapping out a specific implementation approach based on the target audience requirements.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development is undergoing fundamental changes. More companies are relying on outsourcing core development processes combined with fixed cost relationships with their vendors. Consequently, resourcing practices and the role of the consultant are changing. These changes are creating new management issues, technology choices, and enterprise architecture concerns. This seminar takes a vendor and technology neutral approach to how an organization can leverage emerging technologies and management practices.

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