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Welcome to ASR Strategic Resources - Founded 1983

If you don't go far enough, you'll never know how far you can go.

The mission defines the people. People make the difference. Technology does not always provide the best solution. ASR Strategic Resources occupies the high ground in the never ending battle of the technologist because we never forget the fundamentals that a business needs to make a profit to survive. We are pragmatic. We need to see the proof. We demand excellence. More importantly, we deliver. We deliver on time. We deliver right the first time.

When ASR Strategic Resources was founded in 1983 the world of computing was based on big iron, the mini computer, and monolithic information technology organizations. The microcomputer was still in its infancy and the Internet was relegated to the realm of government and University research. Software development tools were primitive, architecture was more an art than a science, and computers were still relatively primitive. Technology was about to change.

ASR Strategic Resources identifies, evaluates, and assimilates new technologies and supporting methodologies to give our clients the edge. We plan for failure because failure is not an option. The fear of failure can instill organizational impotence. Risk mitigation, alternative solutions, fallback positions, and organizational flexibility are core characteristics of organizations that succeed.

Some organizations live by the motto:
We have done so much, for so long, with so little,
we are now qualified to do anything -
with next to nothing.
We don't.

Keeping up-to-date with rapid technology changes, skill sets, and new methodologies is a challenge. Building complex, global enterprise solutions on a shoestring is a recipe for failure. Relying on developer and integrator inventiveness results in short-term solutions with long-term repercussions. Information Technology infrastructure requires experience, planning, and an investment in core development and integration resources - from tools to skill-sets. Success does not just happen - it is planned.

Why do some organizations succeed while others fail?

Strategies have a major impact on an organization's influence relative to that of its competitors. A strategy is a specific pattern of decisions and actions that managers take to achieve an organization's goals. ASR Strategic Resources has identified six common reasons that companies fail:

  • Some companies fail to change their strategies and structures in order to adapt to changing competitive conditions

  • Some companies become locked in to obsolete strategic commitments and are unable to shift with market changes

  • Some companies that achieve early success through engineering excellence become so obsessed with engineering details that they lose sight of market realities

  • Some companies become so obsessed with diversification that they diversify to the point where it is no longer profitable

  • Some companies are so obsessed with developing innovation that they end up producing novel, but useless products

  • Some companies are so convinced of their ability to sell that they end up ignoring product development and quality

The ASR Strategic Resources Solution

ASR Strategic Resources is committed to the issues that enable an organization to win in the marketplace. We provide both strategic guidance and the strategic skill-sets, based on real-world experience enhanced by rigorous training, required for achieving success. We have never relied upon advertising to attract new business - we earn it everyday through results, reputation, and referrals.

ASR Strategic Resources was founded in Texas - with Texas values.
Today, ASR Strategic Resources delivers solutions worldwide.






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Association of Information Technology Professionals

ASR provides joint contest coordination with Auldenfire Sweden for the annual Java competition event. Problem statement design and contest site coordination are provided by ASR and Auldenfire Sweden volunteers.
ASR and Auldenfire Sweden also provide volunteer judges for the annual Visual Basic and Systems Analysis and Design competition events.
ASR is a proud sponsor of the 2001 AITP National Collegiate Conference (NCC) Java programming competition event.

nstitute for the
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Institute for the Certification of Computiong Professionals

ASR participates in the ICCP professional certification exams for Visual Basic, Java, and Systems Analysis and Design emphasizing the Unified Modeling Language. ICCP certification exams are designed to be vendor neutral. ASR senior enterprise developers and architects actively participate as volunteers to help develop professional certification exams that provide real-world relevancy.

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