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ASR Strategic Resources offers consulting services to corporate and government clients worldwide with a focus on providing enterprise solutions. Specialized areas of competence include Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Architecture (EA), and senior program and project management. ASR Strategic Resources offers the following consulting options:


On-Site Consulting Services ASR Strategic Resources consultants can be assigned to client locations on a short-term or long-term basis. All consultants are salaried employees of ASR Strategic Resources or Auldenfire Group Affiliate companies.

Off-Site Consulting Services ASR Strategic Resources has in-house development facilities that can support client project work. ASR Strategic Resources research and development (R&D) and software development centers are housed in high security facilities that meet strict US Department of Defense (DoD) requirements. All development resources are strictly isolated from the Internet and public communication networks.


Individual Consultants ASR Strategic Resources can provide individual consultants to fill client resourcing needs on an individual assignment basis or through a resource pool of qualified individuals.

Consultant Teams ASR Strategic Resources can provide established consultant teams when a client requires a fixed commitment in personnel resources. Established teams have a history of working together as a team, are assembled with complimentary personalities and skill-sets, and have established development resources (methodologies, artifact templates, training, and tools).

Consultant Rolling Teams ASR Strategic Resources utilizes Rolling Teams as an adaptive business practice to manage costs on fixed price contracts in the United States. During the course of a project, different skill-sets are needed at different times during the software development life-cycle. If all of the resources required for a project are assigned for the life of the project, costs can increase - especially if there are delays. The term "rolling" refers to the practice of assigning people as they are needed for as long as they are needed as the project rolls along. Resources are essentially assigned to the project when needed and removed until they are needed again. Costs are minimized, team members stay together as a team, and project knowledge is retained within the team. Rolling Teams can support multiple projects. When a team member is not working on a project, they undergo personal development through technology and skills training and participate in research & development activities.

ASR Strategic Resources provides two pricing models:

Fixed Rate Pricing is available based on assigned resources for a fixed period of time or on a per project basis.

Hourly Rate Pricing is available in either standard regular time with overtime rates or as a fixed hourly rate.

Maintaining a world class team:

ASR Strategic Resources provides consultants from our own internal development staff. Maintaining technical skills and real-world, hands-on experience is a critical factor in competing within a global market. By rotating our people between internal projects and external client projects, ASR Strategic Resources can maintain the skills and provide the experience necessary for maintaining a world class team.

Additional contracting details:

QCR (Qualified Cost Regulation) ASR Strategic Resources has adopted a cost control policy for qualified government and corporate accounts. QCR was adopted by Auldenfire Group in 1985 as part of our government contracting policies to meet fixed cost bidding requirements.
Under this policy, ASR Strategic Resources assumes support and overtime charges as part of our standard fixed project rate or fixed hourly rate.
Note: QCR terms for hourly rates require a minimum guarantee of hours per month - the client is required to pay the minimum contracted amount for the hours allocated for each month as outlined in the consulting contract.

Support is defined as costs directly related to assigning a resource to a designated primary work location (lodging, food, and transportation between the primary residence and primary work location). Costs directly associated with the work assigned by the client will be billed to the client as expense costs (examples include, but are not limited to: trips made on behalf of the client with approval, purchases approved by the client, and telephone costs incurred on behalf of the client).

Expenses relating to support and authorized or approved business activities directly related to a client project or work assignment are typically billed to the client unless a QCR endorsement is issued or other contractual arrangements are made.






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