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ASR Strategic Resources provides services to our clients around the world. This requires infrastructure, people, logistics support, and the ability to coordinate and manage multiple operations that are geographically dispersed. ASR Strategic Resources provides Global Support for Auldenfire Group companies, affiliates, and clients.

Global Support Operations are provided to both government and civilian organizations within the United States and abroad.

Global Initiatives

ASR Strategic Resources accepts short and long term consultancy assignments.

ASR Strategic Resources provides material support in the form of computer hardware, network infrastructure, software, and software licenses. Logistics support is provided in the form of IT Support staff, relocation services and coordination, and funding.

ASR Strategic Resources maintains development, material storage, backup facilities, and hot-sites to provide flexibility in dealing with unanticipated events.

Rapid Response Teams (RRT) are available to provide emergency response and backup support in logistics, communications, disaster response, hazardous materials incidents, and IT specialists in programming and networking. Portable data centers and response staff are available for deployment by commercial or charter air carrier.

Field Support

ASR Strategic Resources provides Response Teams to support operations in primitive and hostile environments. Natural disaster support operations include events such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Field support operations include logistics and communication support for natural resource exploration and mining activities, communication infrastructure construction, and base camp support.

Disaster Planning and Emergency Recovery

ASR Strategic Resources has extensive experience in disaster planning and emergency recovery. ASR provides both hot-site and standby facilities for mission critical needs. ASR operates 7x24 facilities (including hardened sites) with housing facilities to assist clients during regional or catastrophic facility disasters. Disaster audit, planning, and training services are available to assist organizations develop internal disaster risk mitigation programs.

Security Services

ASR Strategic Resources provides IT security services including intrusion prevention and detection, electronic counter surveillance, and forensic security audits. ASR is experienced in both criminal investigations and civil litigation cases and can provide auditors, investigators, and expert witnesses.






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