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Technology Assessment Research Group (TARG)

TARG provides advanced research and development capabilities for government, corporate, and Auldenfire Group companies and affiliates. TARG operates as an independent business unit within ASR Strategic Resources. Core funding is provided from government and client sources.

TARG conducts vendor neutral, independent studies to provide credible third-party evaluations on core technology products, services, and practices.

TARG Mission

Identify new technology, business models, and methodologies for managing change within the enterprise; assess economic benefits and tradeoffs; and develop recommendations on adoption.

TARG Capabilities

TARG has three primary directives: Conduct software and hardware evaluations utilizing structured testing within controlled laboratory and real-world environments. Prepare detailed reports outlining strengths, weaknesses, and suitability of reviewed subject matter. Conduct experimental studies to determine COTS suitability.


Perform structured evaluations to obtain comparative evaluations between similar products and suitability for particular applications. Results are tabulated in a format that is optimized for performing direct product comparisons. Goal is to identify specific technology characteristics and evaluate core functionality to facilitate functional requirement mappings.

Research and Development

TARG conducts fundamental technology research and research designed to meet specific requirements. Range of studies includes COTS suitability reviews to developing new technology solutions. TARG is also involved in strategic technology development projects.

TARG Service Offerings

TARG provides independent compliance evaluations

  • Product suitability evaluation
  • Product performance evaluation
  • Comparative product analysis based on functional requirements
  • Robustness and availability evaluation

TARG provides testing

  • Environmental testing
  • Destructive testing
  • Special purpose testing

TARG provides research

  • Analyze requirements and develop new technological solutions
  • Analyze requirements and conduct COTS availability analysis

TARG conducts collaborative research and development activities

  • TARG works with government and industry to develop future technologies and supporting business practices

TARG provides a technology proving ground for new innovations in information technology. Important viewpoints include human interaction, reliability, suitability for a particular purpose, total cost of ownership, return on investment, and maturity. Research and development activities are designed to deliver practical real-world solutions.






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