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Farsta Centrum is the largest shopping mall in Stockholm with over 150 stores and over 40,000 square meters (apx. 430,000 sq. ft.) of floor space. Sales in 2001 exceeded Euro 191 million. The Tunnelbanan and buss stations are located on the northeast side of the mall. The bus stops are located beneath the Tunnelbanan platform. The Pressbyrån carries English language newspapers and magazines. Local community activities such as Midsummer's Eve and Day and the Feast of Valborg bonfire and fireworks are held at Farsta Gård, approximately ten minutes walking distance from Farsta Centrum on the shores of Lake Magelungen (southwest side of Farsta Centrum).
Auldenfire Sweden offices are a short five minute bus ride from Farsta Centrum. Meetings, seminars, workshops, and training sessions are held at the Morgana Hotel and Conference Center located at Farstakrossen (Farsta Industriby) in Larsboda. The Telia Huvudkontor complex is located within five minutes walking distance to the north and northwest.

Bus - From Farsta Centrum

Board busses 184, 828, 830, and 831 at Farsta Centrum.
Busses 830 and 831 are the most direct (about five minutes).

Exit the bus at the Edsvallabacken bust stop.

If you have any questions concerning which bus stop to get off at, ask the driver for help.

Taxi - From Farsta Centrum
The taxi stand is located in the parking lot adjoining the Tunnelbanan station to the southeast. The ride by taxi is about five minutes. Instruct the driver to take you to the Morgana Hotel.

Meeting facilities, seminars, and training take place at the Morgana Hotel:

Morgana Hotel and Conference Center
Mårbackagatan 21
SE-123-43 Farsta
Stockholm, Sweden

The Auldenfire Sweden data operations center is located within five minutes walking distance form the Morgana Hotel lobby entrance.

Refer to the Area Map and Complex Map at right for further details.

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