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Farsta is a planned mixed-use community laid out in the 1950's to encourage migration away from Stockholm's city center. Farsta was built on the Swedish concept of planned Folkhemmet (Peoples' Home) suburbs where everything that a community needs is located in close proximity while preserving a high quality of life. Each community is built around a centrum (or community center). Each centrum has a Tunnelbanan and/or Pendeltåg station and serves as a hub for the local bus routes. Shops, medical facilities, public services (i.e. libraries, adult education programs, recreation facilities) and schools are all located in close proximity to the centrum. Typically, several high-rise apartments are built around each centrum - especially the major centrums such as Farsta and Farsta Strand. Smaller buildings containing apartment flats, row houses, and single family homes are built in the surrounding area. Each residential area typically has a playground for children as well as local daycare facilities. Recreation and wildlife reserves are also maintained throughout the community. Farsta is surrounded by large natural woodlands and lakes with abundant wildlife. Roe deer, hedgehogs, hares, and wild birds are common sights. Farsta also has many historical sites dating back to the Viking and mediaeval ages. Camping, swimming, boating, cycling, and walking are popular activities along the numerous public trails - most of which are paved. Farsta Strand has convenient rail service to Stockholm City Center (approximately 14 minutes by Pendeltåg and 25 minutes by Tunnelbanan). The Farsta community also has an excellent network of modern highways and well planned roads. Current commuter traffic is heaviest along highway 271 between Farsta Strand and Älvsjö (which is small elf lake in old Swedish - älv "elf" and sjö "small lake") where the Stockholmsmässan complex is located.
Auldenfire Sweden offices are a short walk from Farsta Strand. Meetings, seminars, workshops, and training sessions are held at the Morgana Hotel and Conference Center located at Farstakrossen (Farsta Industriby) in Larsboda. The Telia Huvudkontor complex is located within five minutes walking distance to the northwest along Mårbackagatan.

Walking - From Farsta Strand

Auldenfire Sweden and the Morgana Hotel are within close walking distance of Farsta Strand.

From the Farsta Strand Pendeltåg station
The easiest way to get to Auldenfire Sweden and the Morgana Hotel by foot is to exit the Pendeltåg station at the south end (take the stairs or elevator to the upper level pedestrian bridge that crosses the tracks). Upon exiting the station lobby, turn left. At the end of the bridge you will come to a conical bird feeder and play ground - turn right. Follow the pedestrian walkway to Mårbackagatan where you can follow the sidewalk to the Morgana Hotel.
The walk to the Morgana Hotel is approximately ten minutes. Refer to the area map on the right for more details.

From the Farsta Strand Tunnelbanan station
Exit the Tunnelbanan station and continue walking straight ahead to the Pendeltåg station - you will see the "J" sign on the other side of the 271 motorway. Cross 271 by following the pedestrian tunnel that passes beneath the road. The walk to the office is approximately fifteen minutes. For further instructions, refer to the directions from the Farsta Strand Pendeltåg above.
The walk to the Pendeltåg station is approximately five minutes.

Bus - From Farsta Strand

Board bus 184 at Farsta Strand. Bus 184 will take you to Larsboda via Farsta Centrum. Taking the bus from Farsta Strand to Larsboda takes a while, the walk is much faster (the bus from Farsta Centrum is much quicker).

Exit the bus at the Edsvallabacken bust stop.

If you have any questions concerning which bus stop to get off at, ask the driver for help.

Taxi - From Farsta Strand
The taxi stand is located in the parking lot adjoining the Tunnelbanan station to the south. The ride by taxi is about five minutes. Instruct the driver to take you to the Morgana Hotel (you will probably need to call a taxi by telephone).

Meeting facilities, seminars, and training take place at the Morgana Hotel:

Morgana Hotel and Conference Center
Mårbackagatan 21
SE-123-43 Farsta
Stockholm, Sweden

The Auldenfire Sweden data operations center is located within five minutes walking distance form the Morgana Hotel lobby entrance.

Refer to the Area Map and Complex Map at right for further details.

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