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Directions from Skavsta Flygplats (Skavsta Airport) to Stockholm

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Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located approximately 100 km southwest of the city on the outskirts of Nyköping (midway between Stockholm and Norrköping) 1.5 km off the E4 motorway. The travel time by car to Stockholm city center is approximately 80 minutes. Busses depart the Stockholm central bus station approximately 2 hours 25 minutes before each flight. You can find more information about Skavsta Airport here.
Transportation between Stockholm and Skavsta Airport

Airport Coach (Flygbussarna)

The most economical transportation between Stockholm and Skavsta airport is the airport coach service:

One-way ticket cost is: SEK 100:--
Round-trip ticket cost is SEK 150:--

Advance reservations are not required - simply show up at the bus stop, present your ticket, and board. Tickets are purchased at the Flygbussarna ticket counters located in the main entrance lobby at Skavsta and at the bus station in Stockholm Centrum. Airport bus service is scheduled around Ryanair flights.
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency.


Rail service to Stockholm is provided almost every hour during the day.

One way ticket price to Stockholm is approximately SEK 170:--

Rail service is provided by the train station located at Nyköping Centrum (ten minutes from Skavsta airport by taxi).
Train ticket price does not include transportation to and from Skavsta airport from Nyköping (one-way taxi fare is approximately SEK 120:--).
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency.

Taxi service is available from Skavsta airport to Stockholm:

One-way fare (Stockholm city center) is approximately SEK 1.195:--

Taxi fares should always be agreed upon before you depart (fixed price fares are available from the larger taxi companies, which are significantly cheaper than typical meter rates - especially during commuter hours).
Fares may be paid with credit card or Swedish currency.
Private car parking and rental car services are available at Skavsta airport. Car rental reservations should always be made in advance.
Free baggage carts are available in the parking lot and in the airport terminal.

Currency exchange services are available at Skavsta Airport and at the Stockholm Centrum bus and rail terminals. The bus and rail terminals in Stockholm are located next to each other in the city center. Trains, Coaches, Tunnelbana (Underground/Subway), and Taxi services are available at Stockholm Centrum.

Auldenfire Sweden is located at Farsta Strand

For directions from Stockholm Centrum to Farsta Centrum, click here.
For directions from Stockholm Centrum to Farsta Strand, click here.

Meeting facilities, seminars, and training take place at the Morgana Hotel:

Morgana Hotel and Conference Center
Mårbackagatan 21
SE-123-43 Farsta
Stockholm, Sweden

If you are taking a taxi from Skavsta Airport to Auldenfire Sweden, instruct the driver to take you directly to the Morgana Hotel.

The Auldenfire Sweden data operations center is located within five minutes walking distance form the Morgana Hotel lobby entrance.

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