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Most transportation within Stockholm utilizes the Metro public transportation system (rail, bus, and ferry) and taxi service. Public transportation is especially convenient once you are inside the city of Stockholm. Parking and traffic flow within Stockholm can be problematic - especially for newcomers. Public transportation and taxi service are recommended for visitors to the city. This page has been updated to provide general information on how to get around Stockholm in addition on how to get to our offices.
Transportation between Stockholm Centrum and Farsta Strand

Metro General Information (Rail and Bus)
Taxi General Information and Directions (Best fares)

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J Directions
Bus Directions
Car Directions

Metro Connections and Fares

The Stockholm Metro comprises all public transportation within Stockholm Län (Stockholm County). This includes Pendeltåg (commuter rail), Tunnelbanan (underground/subway), Buss (bus), and several inner city ferries (make sure there is a metro logo in order to use metro tickets and passes). Metro transportation is identified by "T", "J", "BussLink", or "SL" logos at the station entrances and ticket counters.

Intercity rail and coach service connects to the Stockholm Metro hub at Stockholm Centrum (Sergels Torg) formed by the Stockholm Central Station (rail), Cityterminalen (intercity bus and airport coach), and T-Centralen (tunnelbanan) stations. All three stations are connected by underground walkways and are within a short five minute walk of each other. There are taxi stands located by each station. Currency exchange bureaus are located in the Central Station.

Metro passes may be purchased from any Pressbyrån shop (located at all rail stations). Metro coupons may be purchased from the SL ticket counters and automatic machines (although some accept paper Swedish currency and credit cards, many only accept Swedish coins). Metro coupons are only valid for travel within Stockholm County (which includes Farsta Strand) and are valid for a single one-way journey.

Metro Coupons
Minimum fare is two coupons and the maximum fare is five coupons.
Metro transportation between Stockholm Centrum (Zone 1) and Farsta Strand (Zone 2) requires three coupons each way. Coupons can be used on mixed transportation (i.e. you may combine rail, bus, and ferry service on one trip) and are valid for a single one-way trip for up to 1-Hour. Coupons must be stamped (validated) at the beginning of each trip. Coupons may be purchased from bus drivers and SL ticket counters.

Coupon ticket - SEK 10
10-Coupon strip - SEK 60
20-Coupon strip - SEK 110

Metro Passes
Metro passes can be purchased at Pressbyrån shops. Passes are available in 24-Hour, 72-Hour, 30-Day, 4-Month, and 1-Year duration. Metro passes provide unlimited travel on all Metro transport systems. Metro pass costs are:

24-Hour Pass - SEK 80
72-Hour Pass - SEK 150
30-Day Pass - SEK 500
4-Month Pass - SEK 1,940 (Jan-Apr, Sept-Dec); 1,440 (May-Aug)
Annual Pass - SEK 5,320

Substantial fines apply to anyone not traveling with a valid Metro pass or coupon. Random checkpoints are used to enforce compliance.
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency from the ticket counters and automatic ticket machines.

Pendeltåg "J" (Commuter Train) - Metro

The Pendeltåg from Stockholm Central Station to Farsta Strand takes approximately 14 minutes. All southbound trains to Nynäshamn or Västerhaninge stop at Farsta Strand, which is the third stop after leaving the central station. Farsta Strand is located in Zone 2.
The walk from the Farsta Strand Pendeltåg station to the Auldenfire Sweden office takes approximately ten minutes.
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency from the ticket counters and automatic ticket machines.

Tunnelbanan "T" (Underground/Subway) - Metro

The Tunnelbanan from Stockholm T-Centralen to Farsta Strand takes approximately 28 minutes. Farsta Strand is the end station on one of the three southbound green lines. There are two options for getting to our offices:

1) Take the Tunnelbanan all the way to Farsta Strand and walk to our offices (the walk is approximately fifteen minutes).

2) Take the Tunnelbanan to Farsta (Farsta Centrum) and then take the bus to our offices (the bus ride is approximately five minutes and the walk is approximately five more minutes).

Bus information is provided below.
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency from the ticket counters and automatic ticket machines.

Buss (Public Bus) - Metro

The public bus system in Stockholm is extensive. Metro transportation maps are available at the SL information centers located in the the Central Station and in T-Centralen. There are no direct busses from Stockholm Centrum to Farsta Centrum or Farsta Strand. If you take the Tunnelbanan to Farsta Centrum, there are four busses that will take you to the Morgana Hotel and Auldenfire Offices:
Take bus 184, 828, 830, or 831 to the Edsvallabacken stop from Farsta Centrum. Busses 830 and 831 are the quickest (about five minutes).
Tickets may be purchased with credit card or Swedish currency from the ticket counters and automatic ticket machines. Tickets may also be purchased from the bus driver with Swedish currency (drivers do not carry large amounts of change).


There are a number of taxi companies operating in Stockholm, Taxi Kurir and Stockholm Transfer typically provide the best fares (from our experience). Whenever you use a taxi, make sure that you ask about the fare before the driver departs for your destination. If you call a taxi by telephone, have the operator quote you a price to your destination and verify the quoted price with the driver. Both Taxi Kurir and Stockholm Transfer offer fixed rate fares within the Stockholm area. Meter fares can sometimes be cheaper for short trips of under 500 m to 1 km; however, if you run into traffic, the fixed fare savings can quickly add up. Traffic tends to get congested in the inner city and during commuter hours - especially on the highways and bridges connecting north and south Stockholm. There are numerous taxi stands located throughout the city and you can order a taxi by telephone (most business establishments will order one for you upon request):

Taxi Kurir
Telephone: +46 (0)8 30 00 00

Stockholm Transfer
Telephone: +46 (0)8 33 20 00

The following two companies are reliable and readily available in Stockholm, but typically charge slightly higher fares (they also only provide limited fixed fare service):

Taxi Stockholm (Only offers limited fixed fares)
Telephone: +46 (0)8 15 00 00

Taxi 020 (Only offers limited fixed fares)
Telephone: +46 (0)20 93 93 93

When picking up a taxi at a taxi stand, you are not required to choose the first taxi in line - you may choose the taxi company that you want to use. Taxi Kurir and Stockholm Transfer will typically provide the lowest fares (We also recommend these two companies within the Stockholm area). All four companies have large taxi fleets and can provide reasonable response times when called by telephone (usually about five to ten minutes).

Never use an unlicensed taxi (taxi is not properly marked or the driver's taxi license is not displayed in plain sight - legitimate taxis have a yellow license plate with black numbers/letters and have taxi company logos painted on the car). A number of "black" taxis operate in Stockholm, some of which have been known to rob their fares at gun point and leave them stranded.
Taxi fares may be paid with credit card or Swedish currency.

Auldenfire Sweden is located in Larsboda, a community within Farsta. The easiest way to reach us by car from Stockholm Centrum is to take highway 73 southbound to Nynäshamn and exit at the Larsboda exit. Traveling southbound, you will pass the Farsta Centrum exit. The most visible landmark is the Telia headquarters facility (the Telia tower and logo are visible from the highway). Larsboda is located south of the Globen and just before the highway 73 and 271 junction at the Skogås exit.
Auldenfire Sweden is located in Larsboda, three minutes drive northeast of Farsta Strand and located between Lake Magelungen and Lake Drevviken.

Currency exchange services are available at the Stockholm Centrum bus and rail terminals.

Auldenfire Sweden is located at Farsta Strand

For directions from Farsta Centrum to Auldenfire Sweden, click here.
For directions from Farsta Strand to Auldenfire Sweden, click here.

Meeting facilities, seminars, and training take place at the Morgana Hotel:

Morgana Hotel and Conference Center
Mårbackagatan 21
SE-123-43 Farsta
Stockholm, Sweden

If you are taking a taxi from Stockholm Centrum to Auldenfire Sweden, instruct the driver to take you directly to the Morgana Hotel.

The Auldenfire Sweden data operations center is located within five minutes walking distance form the Morgana Hotel lobby entrance.

Refer to the Area Map and Complex Map at right for further details.

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