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OMG™ Technical Meeting Boston
(July 2001)
Auldenfire Sweden AB (Stockholm, Sweden) announced its Model Driven Architecture (MDA™) conceptual model for middleware.

A Platform Independent Model (PIM) for Integration Services and Repository Services was developed at Auldenfire Sweden's Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory located in Stockholm, Sweden. Key benefits include the ability to use integration tools from multiple vendors and the ability to automatically generate over 75% of the integration code. A web-enabled working prototype was also demonstrated.


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Seminars & Workshops
January 24 2002
Technical Briefing
National Airspace System Information Architecture Committee
Dynamic Metadata Support in Air Traffic Environments
September 19 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Workshop Stockholm
September 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Toronto
Auldenfire presents MDA repository whitepaper and architecture overview
August 2001
Legion MDA Software Atelier Pilot Roll-Out
July 2001
OMG Technical Meeting Boston
Auldenfire responsible for content description design models and requirements for platform independent MDA repository

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